System Integration Services

Design Sound NW offers a complete package of integration services designed to provide the client with the ultimate audiovisual experience. The package consists of:

Needs Analysis

A systems engineer meets with the client representative team to listen to the needs and function requirements of a proposed system. Our team is trained to listen carefully to the clients’ needs, and to not attempt to dictate the process. Design Sound NW relies on our employees’ years of experience to provide recommendations during this phase to ensure the envisioned system will meet the needs requirements. Based on the needs analysis meeting(s) our team creates an initial program report with scope of work, method of approach, general cost estimate, and contract proposal.

Design & Engineering

Once the client approves the program report from the Needs Analysis phase, our engineers and sales team develop a complete quotation for the equipment, materials, and other associated for the project. Once the quotation and scope of work are approved the client, the Design Sound NW team develops are the necessary construction documents for allied trades, equipment elevation drawings, and detailed schematic blueprint drawings for the project.


This phase encompasses the onsite portion of our services. Offsite pre-build, where applicable, delivery of equipment and materials, programming, and physical installation of the system are all included in the Installation phase. Design provides a complete commissioning service at the end of the Installation phase prior to client final sign off to ensure that system functions as documented in the Need Analysis and Design and Engineering phases.


After final acceptance is made by the client, Design Sound NW provides detailed, hands-on, training to the personnel of the clients choosing. If included in the contact, Design Sound NW also provides documentation on system operation during this phase.

Customer Service & Support

Our firm is focused on our partnerships with our clients, and we are dedicated to ensuring our systems continue to function as designed after the installation is complete. Design Sound NW offers several packages designed and tailored to meet our clients’ service needs, and our professional support staff is available to offer assistance as required.